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  • ICA card

    Fre 13 okt 2017 20:07 Läst 9109 gånger Totalt 1 svar
    Fre 13 okt 2017 20:07

    I am using my boyfriend ICA bonus point card. The cashier requested for his ID . My boyfriend was standing away from me and I called him over. He gave his personnummer to the cashier and the cashier keyed in the number. Why does the cashier need his personnummer for a bonus point card? There is no risks involved as it is just collecting bonus points. Can someone shed some light on this?. Thank you.

  • Fre 13 okt 2017 21:05 #1

    It's considered misuse of document, which is a crime, even if there is "no risk". Unless you can prove you have permission by having your boyfriend's ID and a written consent to use the card, or, as you did, had him close by so he could answer any questions/identify himself. That's why.

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