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  • Research: Parents in Malmö with 5 year old kids

    Mån 6 nov 2017 11:27 Läst 628 gånger Totalt 0 svar
    Mån 6 nov 2017 11:27

    Do you have a 5 year old kid?

    We are interested in scheduling interviews with parents in Malmö to learn about your child?s play, gaming and food habits.

    The knowledge gathered will make out a design basis for smell training games with the goal to encourage children to try and enjoy new tastes in food. The study is carried out as part of a research project on behalf of the department of psychology at Stockholm University.

    Your participation is much appreciated!

    Time period
    The interviews will be held in November in Malmö. If meetup is not possible, Skype works. The interview should take around 15 minutes.

    Contact(send me an email so that I can send you more info)


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