How to do Apple dropshipping business

As we know that the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) should holding every single year, and Apple used to release new products whatever hardware or software on WWDC. In the WWDC 2018, Apple just announced that they will release the upgraded operation system IOS 12 and macOS 10.14 in the later 2018. Moreover, as one of the best smart device manufacturers in the world, Apple products are so welcomed by customers in the world. Apple products should be the potential products for dropship handbags in the future development. In this post, I’m gonna share some of the information about how to do Apple dropshipping business and evaluate it if is worth to do or not. Pros of selling smart phones for drop shipping business. According to the statistics from Statista, it shows the sales of Apple iPhone are total increasing from 2007 to 2018. Moreover, it can be expected that the sales should continue increasing in the next few years. Therefore, retailers should gain so much benefits if they start drop shipping smart phones especially Apple iPhone in the world. In this part, I’ll list some of the pros of selling smart phones for dropshipping business. a. Higher units of sales. As the research results shows from the internet, it can clearly find that the average profit margin of drop shipping business is approx 15-30%. It is a lower profit margins than other business model, and retailers need much more sales to offset it. However, as the strong brand awareness of Apple, they already built up loyalty among global customers, which allows Apple to get a large number of product sales once the new products released. Therefore, the higher units of sales should be one of the biggest pros for retailers to do Apple dropshipping business. b. Easier to do delivery. Delivery fees are one of the biggest problems to retailers when they are doing drop shipping business globally. The limitation of merchandise weight should causing amount of delivery fees if the merchandises are over-weighted. However, most of Apple products are lighter weight as normal smart devices such as iPhone for smart phones, and iPad for tablets. Retailers do not need to worry about the extra delivery fees during the trading process, and they only need to make sure each Apple product shipped out should safely receive by end-customers. c. Repeat purchasable and the unit that end-customer required. As I said in the previous part, it can find that Apple is used to release new hardware and software on WWDC almost every year. Moreover, the Apple products are repeat purchasable because Apple has a large number of loyal customer in the world. However, most of end-customers may only purchase one single unit during the year because only one Apple product may be enough for using whatever working or entertaining. Therefore, drop shipping business model is the most suitable model for selling Apple product globally because it allows retailers to purchase merchandise individually from suppliers. Other ways to make profits by selling dropship Apple products? As the discussion in the previous part, it can clearly find that selling smart phones especially Apple iPhone can be profitable for the future development. Moreover, there are variety of benefits that retailers can gained from the business. However, is selling Apple products fits for all the retailers in the world now? Of course, the answer is NO. Selling Apple products should required higher costs on supplying because its pricing are definitely higher than its competitors. Moreover, as the features of drop shipping model shows, basically sellers and retailers do not need to touch the merchandises during the delivery process, which means retailers need to spend much more money on cooperate with a reliable logistic companies to make sure all the products shipped out should be safely deliver to end-customers. Furthermore, there are a lot of counterfeits ruin the global markets now, and it should require retailers to spend much more time and money on searching the real-products suppliers. Therefore, in my opinions, selling Apple products have its profitability for drop shipping business, but it only fits for those retailers who have enough funds for investment. However, as the huge demand and market of Apple products, we cannot miss the opportunities to make profits from it. Selling Apple products accessories also can be profitable in the market, and it should be extremely good for those retailers who are beginners for the drop shipping business, or only have limited funds. In the following illustration, I’m gonna list some of the Apple accessories that are actually selling on Chinabrands which is a global drop shipping platform, to show you what are the main smart device accessories still can be profitable for the dropship baby clothes business. a. iPhone cases. The common case designs cannot attract new customers anymore, that require retailers to find some cases with unique design or special functions. For example, the following graph shows one of the best selling iPhone cases on Chinabrands now. As we can see that there is a removable part on the cases, it is a controller for controlling camera to take pictures that are connect it with Bluetooth. It can clearly find that the iPhone cases are not only for protection anymore, but also a wireless controller for taking picture. b. Charger. As we can see the following product graph shows on Chinabrands, it is a wireless charger that can charge for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and also iPhone 8 Plus. It is the latest charger that is using the wireless charging designs. Customers can only put their iPhone on the charging pad, and connects the charger with USB cables, then should be works for phone charging. It is believed that chargers should be one of the iPhone accessories dropship worldwide, because it can be repeat purchasable. Moreover, there are a surging number of customers are not just using only one chargers, but owned 2-3 chargers wherever at home, offices or carry it outdoors. Therefore, it can expect that iPhone chargers especially wireless chargers.