Marriage 5th anniversary is what marriage, 5th anniversary to send several flowers

One, marriage 5th anniversary is what marriage 1, marriage 5th anniversary is wooden marriage, when a couple entered the fifth years of marriage, they have passed the marriage period, the feelings between two people are more and more stable, at this time, two people should have children, formed a family of three, the feelings between each other is more strong. At this time, the feeling between husband and wife presents a kind of characteristic, like "wood". Read more at:wholesale boys clothing 2, what is the 5th anniversary of getting married? Wooden wedding is a wood that has already been completed. With the "wood" as the same stretch, there is a tolerant and mild touch, and implicit and powerful, showing a leisurely, stable, calm, natural growth, as if the heart like water, more tacit understanding between the two people, that is to touch with each other. Read more at:wholesale clothing australia