Seven of the wedding photo selection, keep the mind clear

Flexibly cope with the salesmen's salesmanship and keep their thinking clear. Some studios will tell you that the more films you buy, the cheaper the three photo albums will be. If you delete 50 or less, he will be anxious and will attract you with the lowest price. The lowest general entry is 120. The lowest price he gave you was more than 80, which sounds very attractive. But if you calculate the total price, you may have to pay about 4000 more. Don't be impulsive! Impulse is the devil! Let him give you a few more discount until you think it can't be low enough to accept. There are also sales people of the studio who will take the good speaker of the new person as the breakthrough point, for example: to calculate with Mr. For example, "both sides live for 40 years, that is, 14600 days. The photo costs 10000 yuan, and it is 1.46 yuan a day. The husband only pays 1.46 yuan a day, and the good memories and eternal moments of happiness are worth it. Generally speaking, everyone will be embarrassed, so the money in the wallet may be taken away by others. When choosing wedding photo, keep clear thinking and clear thinking. Don't let salesmen lead the nose. Read more at:trendy kids wholesale clothing The wedding photo selection was eight. Let him do it in a hurry. Generally speaking, the negative will be given to you one week after completion of the wedding photo. Late production can be completed about 20 days or so. Let him do it urgently, so that any problems can be redone or modified in time. If you are not in a hurry, you will have to wait for nearly a month. The photo with the photo can be finished in 10 days. Wedding photo selection strategy nine, according to the number on the list, let them modify. If you choose a wedding photo, then it seems that some of them are not very satisfied, and are numbered on the list to make them amend: for example, the color of the tooth is made to white, to remove the nevus, to change the background, and to reject what kind of background. Every item should be clearly listed in the order they gave you. Wedding photo selection of ten, money can not be made in full Money can not be paid in full. Otherwise, if there are any problems with the finished products, they will refuse to redo or repair them for various reasons. Have a hand in your hand! Conclusion: These are the skills of choosing wedding dresses for you. I don't know how to choose the wedding dress. Read more at:wholesale clothing turkey