Summer days come how to make the breath of summer?

Sunshine, beach, bikini, ice cream... The taste of summer is getting stronger and stronger. Whether it's the weather or the beauty, summer has all the hot spots, Hot and cold, two extremes collide, wipe out the amazing spark, It's time for a summer collection! "Background with blue sky and white clouds" "Shoot plants and flowers" Summer is green and green, large green plants, some flowers dotted among them; Enjoy the cool under the tree, enjoy the sun, or feel the warmth of the sun. Flowers and plants not only can be used as a background, in can also be used as a foreground increased administrative levels feeling, also can be used as a block face of props, can even diao in the mouth, to face light, pattern is really too much ~ "Sexy swimsuit photo" No pool, no summer. The swimming season has arrived, with beaches, streams, swimming pools, swimming, and hot bodies. After all, how can a summer's subject matter less than a beach bikini? "The bathtub wet private room photo" If feel outdoors too bask, come to a group of indoor wet body bath photograph, also have the feeling of cool and refreshing one summer. You can make a summer smell without leaving your house. "Play with light" When it is time to wear a skirt with a halter and a hot summer on the back, it is better to play with a light shade and use the light ratio to describe the attractive face and skin of the girl. And your photos can add a bit of fun! Read more at:wholesale baby clothes suppliers The moment when the wind blows The light of the sun, the gentle breeze on the cheeks, gentle summer time. Take the girl outside and let her show her natural state in the bright sunlight and the dynamic wind. "Watermelon" Watermelon is definitely a summer's superman props, red pulp is juicy and refreshing, whether it's a bikini or a baby girl. In addition to watermelon, other fruits such as lemon, coconut and some tropical fruits are also good choices. Ice cream Even a love beautiful sister is able to withstand the high quantity of heat to the temptation of ice cream, the color of the dream with lovely modelling, nothing is an ice cream cannot solve, if you have, just two ~ "Bike" Are you ever going to miss the days when you were riding your bike, walking through the boulevards, even the breeze was green? "Fan" "Hat" Choose the seaside, the forest, the countryside, the field, with the sex deduce the summer vacation of the cozy! Read more atwholesale cloth market in mumbai