The moon is full of happiness, blessing your marriage unbreakable, love unbreakable! We will grow old together.

The great marriage of heaven, therefore, will be the first to love the bride, to do all the hard work, and then make it! Congratulations on your marriage and congratulations on your marriage! 11. Joy, laughter, and sound; The bride and bridegroom are very happy! May you always bring this joy and happiness into the next chapter of your life! Bless you! 12. East wind, happy, a cup of good luck, a lifetime of traction! Love, love, love! Spring is like new, the person yan hong, smile happy color of brow! I wish you a long and everlasting life in the sea! When a good man meets, his love is strong. Looking for each other, now lovey-dovey, I wish every day to love love! Happy wedding! Look at the bride and bridegroom. Show the true face of happiness, only the body in blessing. I wish you happiness and happiness in your marriage. When a lover has, a friend asks a blue sky. How long, however, the wedding date has come!! I am now sending SMS messages, may you be like the bright moon, high places never fall, marriage is always happy, happiness in the world! Congratulations! Read more at:dropship online The bridegroom, the bride, the new love. I wish it were green! Tears of joy, tears of joy, the heart of the heart has become, I wish to love forever! Welcome to the new residence, the month is like the hook, fu qing smile warm feeling in today. Love is continuous, love is not disorderly, is mutually defends! Is the blessing, is willing the new bride and the heart! The bride is so beautiful that she has many heroes to contend with. Cherish the suitors, a little loss of the groom, neighbors, admiration, friends, blessing and joy; All is well, the husband of several affairs, still see today! Ha ha, congratulations, newlywed! 19. Congratulations! I wish you a hundred years of love, deep love, never forget, the marriage is a thousand miles today, love forever! A happy family, a happy family, a happy marriage, a happy marriage! Ha-ha, is this a good poem? ! It's for your new congratulations! Congratulations! I wish you a long and happy marriage, happy and happy! Year after year the love of the year is not different! Read more at:wholesale wedding dresses