Western wedding site layout: cake tower

Cake first appeared in Europe, when the wedding, guests can bring their own small wedding cake, and then the cake layers of stacked together to form the hills, the couple will kiss "mountain", a symbol of the cross appears and the happy life in the end. Traditionally, the cake is mainly white, with a cascade design, representing purity, beauty and happiness. Read more at:spandex chair covers wholesale Western wedding site layout: hand-holding flowers. Holding a flower is in hand is western-style wedding bride bouquet of flowers, is an important and indispensable element in western-style wedding, he is from an ancient custom, the ancient westerners think, redolent of spices and herbs (including garlic and chives) defender of the wedding people from bad luck and disease, so the habit was down. At the end of the ceremony, the bride throws her bouquet of flowers to the unmarried woman, who is said to be lucky and the next to walk down the aisle. Read more at:wholesale sports prince george