What a congratulatory message is written by a friend

1, love each other forever, happiness is the same. I wish you two more love than the sea! Happy marriage! 2, glittering in the heaven of joy, wearing a sparkling moonlight, sighing: only envy the mandarin duck does not envy the immortal. Read more at:stainless steel jewelry wholesale 3, today, with a heart of joy and gratitude, I express my sincere wishes to you, on behalf of the church, that the Lord's work is eternal, love and love, and may God bless your love higher and longer, and your love is deeper and wider than the deep sea! 4, the new millennium will bear thousands of years, and a hundred years will be accompanied by a hundred years of sleep. I wish you all the best. 5. May your life be as beautiful as a psalm, as the wisdom of proverbs, as pious as the preach, and in harmony like the book of songs. Read more at:used shoes wholesale