What are the ten main points of the best dress costumes?

Attendants of the groomsman garment No matter which best groomsman you choose, you should pay attention to the line. Make sure that the dress you wear is not a loose one, but it makes you look lazy and lazy. It is the first criterion for the best man to choose clothes. Attention to the dress of the best man two If you don't know what type of collar you are suitable for, the best man should choose an ordinary suit lapel, which is a classic suit for anyone's collar that you don't have a ugly dress insurance. Attention to the dress of the best man three Avoid overly formal clothing. Learn to match your clothes on occasions. At the wedding, the best man can choose to dress too formally. Read more at:wholesale sports lethbridge Attention to the dress of the best man four You can't ignore the shoes. Shoes can show personal qualities. Don't wear sports shoes to attend a wedding. It will make you look slovenly, but don't be too formal, or it's like a job interview. This degree, the best man himself to grasp. Attention to the dress of the best man five It means not to wear more festive than the bridegroom. The core is a suit, not a color with the bridegroom, not happier than the bridegroom. Whether it is more handsome, this is not the key, because you are handsome, people still say that the bridegroom is handsome, so do not worry. The specific suggestions are dark suits, orthodox ones, casual ones, but not too modern suits. I'm talking about the best man, and the groom can wear modern clothes. Attention to the dress of the best man six If the best man wants to move, it can also be casual and casual. When it is busy, activities are more convenient, and there are many things that the best man should do. Attention to the dress of the best man seven In advance, communicate with the bride and bridegroom, the most important is the bridesmaid. It is best to choose the suit with decent and generous clothes. The color is as soft as possible, so it meets the occasion of the wedding and has a good affinity. Read more at:petroleum wholesale