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  • Tis 6 okt 2015 03:49 #1

    Varfor två identiska obegripliga trådar?

  • Tis 6 okt 2015 04:31 #2

    "After a week of hype, Hurricane Joaquin did not actually directly hit the U.S., thus continuing the country?s decade-long period without a major hurricane making landfall.

    The U.S. has not seen a major hurricane ? Category 3 or higher ? make landfall since Hurricane Wilma hit on Oct. 24 2005. The nearly decade-long hurricane drought has come as a big surprise to climate scientists and environmentalists who have argued that global warming will make storms more frequent and intense."

  • Tis 6 okt 2015 15:01 #3
  • Tis 6 okt 2015 17:58 #4

    Återstår torkan i Ca plus Tx och vad mer?

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