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    had sex with my oldest cousin once after a party we had been to then when we were home we felt very horny by some duckling I didn''t think about it anymore so I went in to lie down she came in to me after for a while she sat on the edge of the bed and we talked in the dark, it was black inside the room, then she was lying next to me, then I felt a hand approaching my cock, then I felt it start to grow, and I got horny, but I tried to pretend to sleep, didn''t I easily finally yes I turned around and put my hand in her panties I felt so horny so I pulled her for a while and then I slowly went down to caress her wet panties and spread her legs stacking her legs like they are in a recliner and started to lick her pussy and it worked for a while and then she sucked me for a while and then she had it in her but had protection and I said I didn''t want to come inside her and then she wanted to lay me on my back because she wanted to ride so I did it and she rode me for a long time so yes I said that when yes is close to coming you can get off but she didn''t she wanted my sperm in her she said so she got it so the day after pills got it be the best sex ever, never tasted such good pussy


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