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    Opinion on baby name Atara

    Hi! Me and my husband live in Stockholm for 5 years now. I am expecting a baby girl and we really like the name Atara. Being non Swedes we have googled and its not at all a typical swedish name. Would appreciate receiving some opinion on how does this name sound to swedish people. We plan to live here and our baby girl would attend a swedish school etc. Hence, is this a strange name to you or its sounds fine? What kind of feeling does this name give you? What we want to avoid is our little girl being bullied for her name. Many thanks for your responses in advance!

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  • Anonym (x)
    Mån 20 jun 19:36

    It sounds completely different with swedish sound then the english one. I tried to say it with my dialect and when I tried google translate it sounded like the swedish sound but with two r instead of one.


    I have never heard the name before. 

  • Anonym (x)
    Mån 20 jun 19:37
    Google translate, write attara and then chose swedish 
  • Anonym (q)
    Mån 20 jun 19:40

    It sounds like a videogame character but I dont think it have to be a problem if you like it, kids find things to pick on anyways and kids also have strange names nowadays

  • Mån 20 jun 20:14

    Makes me think of Atari Teenage Riot. 

  • Mån 20 jun 21:52

    Y not Nintenda? Or Sega? Sega sound good in swe.

  • Mån 20 jun 21:54

    Sega Andersson. Yes it is a sound very good.

Svar på tråden Opinion on baby name Atara
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