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  • Arsenal

    Tor 1 aug 2019 20:44 Läst 0 gånger Totalt 2 svar
    Tor 1 aug 2019 20:44

    Since so moved to Sweden I wanted to follow my loved Arsenal with others.

    Heard about Arsenal Sweden and that is fucking shit , there board just in it because they are a bunch of losers that want to seem cool. They are just doing it for themselves and to make money. The most dirty Arsenal supporters club ever and I have been visiting many.

    Anybody know where i can see the games with some real fans?

  • Fre 15 nov 2019 20:55 #1

    What is arsenal sweden?

  • Anonym (Fredr­ik Ljungb­erg)
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    Fre 29 nov 2019 00:20 #2

    Where in Sweden do you live? Maybe there is a local support group there on facebook. has some forums for whatever team you support, maybe you could meet someone up there?

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