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  • My verse in Swedish

    Tor 26 nov 2020 20:51 Läst 0 gånger Totalt 18 svar
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    Tor 26 nov 2020 20:51

    I have written a verse in Swedish. I would be very grateful if you give your opinion on it. I am not sure for grammatical errors, because I am not Swede. 

    Du är min bästa kvinna
    Du är min bästa kvinna,
    Du är alltid I mitt hjärta!
    Du är mitt bästa minne,
    Du är min största smärta...
  • Tor 26 nov 2020 23:34 #2

    Thank you very much! But is it possible to write 
    Du är min bästa kvinnan?

    I prefer to write "min" instead of "den"
  • Fre 27 nov 2020 14:47 #8


    This is in English

    You are my best woman,
    You are always in my heart
    You are my best memory
    You are my greatest pain

  • Fre 27 nov 2020 15:04 #9

    I meant that she is the best of all women which I knew.

  • Fre 27 nov 2020 15:17 #10
    I would like to ask - is it correct grammatically to say:
    "Du är min bästa kvinnan"

    Or I have to say:
    "Du är min bäst kvinnan"

    If the first expression is incorrect and must be replaced to second one then my verse is bad :( because the rhythm becomes to be broken.
  • Fre 27 nov 2020 16:10 #12

    Thank you very much for you explanations! I plan to publish a book with my verses in Russian and thought to include this verse also, with translation and transcription. 

  • Fre 27 nov 2020 20:00 #14

    I have still a question what phrase is correct:

    Du är min bästa kvinna


    Du är min bästa kvinnan?

    Concerning this verse, I would like to explain that this verse is about one women who was in the past with the author, but later she decided to choice another man as a husband. It was many years ago. But the author still remember her and has expressed his sence in the verse. 

  • Fre 27 nov 2020 20:39 #16

    Taking into account your message, I conclude, that "kvinnan" is better than "kvinna".

    Concerning possessive and creepy... I do not think that possessive, but agree that this verse is very sad. When I wrote it, I remember Minnet by Dan Andersson.

  • Fre 27 nov 2020 23:43 #18

    The problem is: when you are young - you have not experience and can make wrong decision. But when you meet your first love after many years then both have families and children and nothing could be changed. 

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